Saturday, November 14, 2009


Luke woke up at four a.m. Friday morning with a really high fever. We spent an hour at the germ-filled doctor's office before Luke was ushered to the lab where a nurse roughly swabbed his the back of his throat for strep. I cringed watching her thrust that long wooden stick down his tender throat and remembered that horribly painful gagging feeling. The worst part was that she swabbed it in a circle for longer than I've ever seen and then pulled out a pink tinged swab. That shit hurts but I cannot imagine how much worse it must have felt with the nurse digging around in the back of his poor throat. Luke cried and I felt so bad for him. Luckily we got his prescription filled and he was almost a good as new this morning. Now we are waiting for Evie to show symptoms but George is the one who started running a fever this evening. Oddly enough, Dr. M (our pediatrician) said that children under two don't typically get strep. Interesting.

Since this turned into a post about our health, let me announce that my second blood test revealed normal liver enzyme levels so Champagne Thursday and Wine Wednesdays ate back on! Disaster averted! I hope everyone celebrates my good news with a drink and make a toast using the word "goiter". Have a great weekend.


Amber said...

I've had that test more times than I can count :( and it always feels awful!! :(

Mom said...

I'm glad Luke is feeling better and that your tests came out okay. I hope George starts feeling better soon.

Mary said...

Glad you had some good news! I will have a drink to celebrate. Hope George feels better soon.

lisawitt said...

Ha, the "goiter" comment made me laugh...glad you dont have one!

As for strep, Zach had it 2 weeks ago! My mom got it the weekend we had the baby and when she asked her doc about the possibility of giving it to the boys...he said the same thing, that kids under 2 usually dont get it. Sure enough, Z did. But I also read that if they do, it is usually less severe because they dont have as much tonsil tissue or something like that. ANYWAY....Z never acted sick and we never would have even taken him in except for that he had 100 deg fever at day care.

Wow, that was long! Anyway, hope your kiddos feel better soon! :)

The Potters said...

Great news about your blood work, T! And be careful...I've read and heard countless stories of babies under two getting strep. Conley's doctor even tested her for strep just a few weeks ago when she had her mysterious sickness. Luckily Conley didn't have it, but her doctor said it was indeed possible for her to get it if she'd been exposed to someone with strep!

Hope you guys stay well!