Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It has been pretty cold here this week, dipping down into the 40's. We've pulled out some of our winter clothing and switched on the heater. Brrr. The cold brings a lot of changes, and as I was driving Luke to school this morning he noticed one.

We were slowly chugging along in the carpool lane (the same one I got rear ended in yesterday) and Luke perused the houses that we passed. During October we admired all the houses that were decorated for Halloween - skeletons, spiders, and webs. It was fun. This morning, Luke announced with excitement, "Mommy! Look. These houses decorated for winter!"

I looked over at the houses as we inched past, "What do you mean?"

Luke, "Look. They have white grass!"

I looked at the frost on the grass and nodded my head, "Well, they didn't actually decorate their grass; that is frost."

Luke, "What is frost?"

Me in my head, "dammit!" Me out loud, "When it gets cold, the water on the grass freezes and creates frost."

Dear Lord, I hope that is right or else now I look like a complete idiot to the entire internet world. Remember that I was not a science major and currently struggle to help teach the Kindergarten science lab. So if that is wrong, feel free to come over and explain frost to my children. They're really quite lucky I didn't describe it as a frozen chocolate beverage you can get at Wendy's.


Joan said...

You got it right, and if you look really closely you can see where the water has formed ice crystals in a unique pattern.

The Potters said...

Your inner monologue CRACKS me up! Love it!!!