Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bed Rest Activities (a contradiction of terms?)

Okay girlfriends (and guy friends). I need your help. My pregnant friend was officially placed on bed rest today. She isn't due until April 2010! That's a lot of time to spend sitting around doing nothing. I'm trying to compile a list of things she can do from her cozy perch on her couch. Can you all send suggestions my way?

This is my list so far:

1. Read books (that will get old quick)
2. Catch up on movies and tv series (Mad Men is at the top of the list)
3. Scrapbooking (not my thing, but maybe she'll dig it)
4. Learn to knit or crochet
5. Plenty of magazines
6. ? ? ?


Clarissa said...

Journal, journal, journal. I wish I had written down more about my pregnancy -- how I felt, what happened, what I thought about/wished for/whispered to my baby while she was still snuggled in my tummy -- because once that baby's out, there's no time for such business!

Anonymous said...
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