Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Fun

We spent the weekend running around to several Christmas parties and birthday parties, so there was no time to blog.

Saturday morning we went to the club (sounds fancier than it is) to have pancakes with Santa Clause. The kids were great, but I forgot to take pictures. I snapped these of George and Evie after we got home - Luke was at a football game and wouldn't have taken pictures anyway. Nonetheless, George and Evie were precious, as you can see.

We also picked out a real Christmas tree Sunday afternoon and decorated it that evening. It is so fun to have all our random, mismatched Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree. Chuck and I started collecting ornaments for all our special occasions right after we were married. We got our first ornament on our honeymoon, and we've been collecting them ever since. We have ornaments from his parents' trips to Italy, Germany, China, and more. We have ornaments for all our anniversaries and most of our birthdays. There is an ornament for when we first found out we would be parents, and an ornament from my last birthday. They are silly and sentimental. One of my first was an ornament of the Grinch. On my birthday I got an ornament that is the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Chuck has several A&M ornaments and one that is a six pack of beer. They are fun an whimsical and I love the tradition! Even Lindsey is pitching in and got us an ornament from her trip to New York last weekend (to visit her cousins). It is a fun tradition and gives us so much joy to remember where each ornament came from.


Mom said...

Evie loves him so much and he just tries to get away. Typical brother.

lisawitt said...

Aww, love the hugging pics!

And your tree sounds like ours, we have ornaments from all our different occasions too, engagement, wedding, house, babies, trips! So fun!!