Monday, December 14, 2009

George Turned One!

George celebrated his first birthday this weekend as did some of his other little friends: Dylan and Lily. And I think Ms. Samantha is celebrating her first birthday next weekend. What a fun little group of December babies. It will be fun watching them grow up.

Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate George's birthday. Here is a cake picture. He didn't like his cupcake, so he ate Goldfish instead. I was a little disappointed.

Yesterday (his actual birthday), we we went to church. A mother sitting next to us in the pew asked us how old George was. I told her that it was his first birthday and she wished him a very sweet happy birthday. She told her two year old son that it was George's birthday and the little boy asked in awe, "Is he Jesus?" The mother cleared up the misunderstanding but the little boy decided to sing happy birthday to George after mass. Super sweet.

After church we had dinner with Grandma at Pappadeaux (one of Grandma's favorites). The kids got little dishes of ice cream for dessert and we sang happy birthday again. And yet again, George was not impressed with our birthday efforts. Oh well.

He's still having a TON of fun with all the toys that our sweet friends got him, so I know he enjoyed his birthday weekend.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday George!

lisawitt said...

ahhh, so sweet! Happy Birthday, sweet George!!