Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who's on your currency?

Luke woke up with pink eye this morning so we ended up at the doctor's office even though I had already diagnosed it as pink eye and asked the nurse if she could just call in a prescription. Apparently, they just don't call in prescriptions. Oh well.

While we were waiting for the doctor, Luke pulled out a stash of coins he had hidden in the pocket of his jeans. I decided it would be an opportune time for a little educational lesson on the different coins and how much they are worth. We had three quarters, two pennies, and two pence from England. When we got to the English coin, I told him it came from where Lindsey is from and I pointed to the picture of Queen Elizabeth II that was on one side of the coin. I asked, "Do you know who that is?"

I didn't actually expect him to know that it was Queen Elizabeth II, but I also didn't expect his answer . . .

He looked up and asked, "Is it Arack Obama?"

Me, fighting to breath through my controlled laughter, "Barack Obama?"

He nodded and I tried to maintain my smile so that he wouldn't think I was laughing at him, but rather at the idea of Queen Elizabeth II looking anything like Barack Obama. It may be time for a pictorial lesson on our current president.

Me, "No, that's not Barack Obama. That is Queen Elizabeth II." I breathed and decided to give it another go. I pointed to the quarter and asked, "Do you know who is on this coin?"

Luke took another stab and asked, "Barack Obama?"

Me, "No. That's President George Washington. Just so you know, Barack Obama isn't on any of our American money." I paused and said, "Well, at least not yet. He's already got a Nobel Peace Prize, so I guess you never know."

I'm not sure who would be more offended by Luke's confusion: Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth II?

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Jenn W said...

Queen Elizabeth I'm sure would be more offended. My Toddler likes to refer to the United States Flag as the McBama Flag--I attribute that to the many Pres debates I exposed her to where McBama was always pictured with or standing with the US flag :) Way to go PR crew --I guess it worked at least on my 2 year old!!!