Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My face hurt from laughing

Get ready for lots of pictures! I finally downloaded pictures from my new-to-me camera (thanks Krista)!

Here are the most recent and most hilarious pictures I've got. Sooo funny and all the credit goes to Lindsey. She bought the outfits, put them on, and snapped the pictures, laughing the entire time. Chuck and I almost peed our pants when we got home and saw this last night.





These are CLASSIC! Abby is fucking pissed! Fergi was oblivious. Fergi ran out the door to have a little doggie adventure when I got home. She was wearing this outfit. If you remember, she got lost this summer when she had a similar escapade. I was almost tempted to lock her out just so I could see what the people who found her would say about her being lost and running around in a Santa costume. (Remember, she's chipped now - so no worries about her being lost without any trace to the house. Of course, we still have to worry about her getting her dumb ass run over by a car, but it is almost as funny to picture road kill with a santa hat, so long as it isn't actually my own dog.)

Merry Christmas to all the fur-babies out there. Show them this picture and they'll realize how lucky they are to live with you and not me!


Joan said...

OMG!! I feel for your poor furbabies. But you're right it is funny to see them in the outfits.

The Potters said...

Um, Abby is CRACKING me up! This is too much for me right now!!! Love it!

P.S. SO happy you like your camera...great pictures!!!!

The Potters said...

Seriously, I cannot stop laughing at (or should I say "with") Abby.

Mom said...

I can't believe Abby sat still enough for Lindsay to put an outfit on her. Fergie just likes attention, so she would be patient for dressing.

Jess said...

Are those leg warmers?