Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fort Worth Concert

The girls had their first night out on the town!

We took Lindsey and her sister Tanya (along with two other couples) to see Robert Earl Keen last night at Bass Hall.

I LOVE Bass Hall and REK is fun to see. Last night, however, REK had to have been drunk on stage. Chuck and I have seen him play four other times at Bass Hall - so obviously we enjoy the show which is always December 30th. It's nice to always have plans for that day. Anyhow, when REK got on stage, he started talking and swaggering and I looked at Chuck and said with disbelief, "I think he's drunk!" Now, I don't know why I would say this with disbelief since musicians are known for being drunk or high when the perform, but for some reason I was just shocked. Yes, I'm naive, and yes, I'm a stick in the mud.

The concert was still great, and we all had a good time. REK was fully capable of playing music and mumbling through the lyrics only half the time, plus, he only stumbled on the stage once. Apparently, he had a nightmare of an experience at a football game a few years ago when he was so drunk that he couldn't even sing the national anthem. Geez. Our favorite song was Merry Christmas from the Family (which we had already played (and sung along with) for Lindsey. He sang it and we loved every minute - as usual. Click here to hear it and see the video. So freakin' funny!

We ate dinner before the show at Reata - a real Texas-themed restaurant. Tanya's eyes got big when she saw a man wearing a cowboy hat at the restaurant. The guys insisted that the English girls needed to try calf fries, but the wives came to the rescue and insisted that it wasn't necessary, since no one should be tricked into eating calf testicles - I don't care how nice the restaurant is.

I insisted that the girls take a picture with the creepy stuffed cowboy, because I couldn't find a real young cowboy.

After the concert we headed to a bar called Grace, where we all sipped on drinks and chatted. It was so fun going out on the town and I hope Lindsey and her sister enjoyed it.


Mom said...

Looks like you all had a great time.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry...but the picture of the longhorn skull thing? At first I totally thought it was a cat, flying head first into the wall.

I got it, now...cowboys...horns. Makes more sense.

Mary said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! That stuffed cowboy is pretty creepy though!