Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bed Rest Activities (Demand Letter)

Okay, I can't believe most of you have ignored my request for bed rest activity suggestions!

Are you all telling me that no one else out there can come up with a bed rest activity for my poor friend who is facing approximately 3 to 4 months of confinement as she awaits the arrival of her precious daughter?

I know I don't have a lot of followers or even friends out there, but come on! We need to help out a girl in need, even if she is one of those unbelievably skinny pregnant women who tenderly touch their teeny tiny baby bumps and complain that they just can't manage to eat more than a pretzel for lunch most days. (Yes, I'm jealous, let's not focus on that). I don't care if you don't have kids, don't want kids, don't like kids - whatever, this poor girl is stuck on a couch indefinitely. There must be more for her to do than read books and watch movies.

I demand that each one of you send me your suggestions as soon as you can or else I will be forced to seek new and better friends and followers. You can contact me at theberends at msn dot com or just post a comment below.

Okay, okay, okay. You know I'm just bluffing. I'm a wimp and would never dump a single one of you. I love you all too much. But still, think of the poor little woman perched on her couch - alone - for days, weeks, months. Actually, it is starting to sound like a pretty good deal to me.


Jenn W said...

okay--this is a little ole' ladyish but cross-stitiching--i had a friend who had never done it before and taught her self while on bed rest and she created this beautiful cross stiched wall decor for her baby's room. and it actually required some brain power to do it right...that's all i got :)

Emily said...

So I was just under bed rest for a week and I gotta tell ya: I got bored! Not much to do when you can't move.
The things that got me through were things you already mentioned BUT they made the time fly: reading & TV. But look how much time it would take if you:
1. Read a book series (Harry Potter, Stephanie Plum, Twilight Series, yada yada).
2. Watched a DVD series (True Blood, All seasons of The Sopranos, or all seasons of the Office, yada yada)
Sounds like fun!

Then something you didn't mention, which also helped me through were:
1. Games on my iphone
2. Games on my Nintendo DS.
They have all kinds now: Mystery games, crossword puzzles, sudoku, old-time arcade games.

And then a good gift could be to send someone to her house to:
1. Give her pedicure/manicure
2. Masseuse (your bum & back hurt after sitting so much).

That's all I can think of right now. Oh, this isn't something to do but a must have is a bed tray. They're the best invention ever for bed rest!!!!

Alicia said...

Tackle all those organization projects that keep piling & recipes for example. Grab a laptop and work on a birth announcement list & next year's Christmas card list.

Theresa said...

These are great! Keep 'em coming!

Amy said...

Since I've never been pregnant, these ideas may not work, but...
1) coloring....yeah, but hey, when do you get to color all that much? That and you can decorate your walls, so that way you don't just see a door and a bathroom and the pale paint, you see pretty pictures.
2) puzzles.

Theresa said...

Amy - that is funny because someone else suggested coloring too!

The Potters said...

I would love to be on bed rest for just a day. Ah, that sounds so nice.

Okay, Miss Bossy Pants, the only thing that I know that I'd do is read lots and lots of books and stalk blogs. ;) She could also probably do some manis...

Joan said...

Don't her nurses have some ideas. At least they could suggest a support group for women who have been through this stuff.
I'd be reading, making rosaries, making beaded projects, like jewelry, computer and video games, like Myst, Exile, and Riven (these are logic games and really take a lot of time and mental effort).

Sorry, leave it to the mean nurse to be not very compassionate. I really don't like OB/GYN.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest making greeting cards, like scrapbooking type of things or stamping them. She could use them as thank you notes or give them as gifts. She could also make the birth announcements and just have to add the picture and date/time/weight specific info later. She could even address all of the envelopes!