Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanya & Snow Arrive

Expecting snow again today! God must be smiling on me!

Lindsey's sister (Tanya) arrived yesterday afternoon and she is fantastic, of course. The kids freakin' love her! Evie is all over her. It's rather weird. - Good weird.

I took them all out for Mexican last night (while Chuck was at the game in Shreveport). They are going to do some shopping today before it starts snowing and sleeting. We're looking forward to a really fun visit!


Joan said...

no work today? Sounds like you are at home.

Theresa said...

Nope. Totally at work. Will probably leave early since it just started snowing and it is expected to be icy.

lisawitt said...

Enjoy the snow, i wish we had some!