Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Super-Duper Cute

Seriously, these kids are freakin' adorable! Lindsey sent me this picture from home today and described them as "super-duper cute." She's so right!

As for the rest of the picture, I am not currently taking comments on the scattered mess throughout the background of the picture. Suffice it to say that I have three children and a full-time career that does not include housekeeping duties.

But take a look at all the stockings on my mantle! Can you believe six people live in my house?! Sometimes I forget that there are that many of us in the house together. I LOVE big families!


Jessica said...

She's breathy all, "yes, I'm a diva." and he is totally saying: "I. AM. AWESOME."

lisawitt said...

If you say that is a mess...please dont come to my house any time soon, you will be disgusted! LOL!

Ha, too funny you mentioned the stockings, one of the first things I noticed! I love them all too! We also have 6 stockings hanging this year, but 2 are for the furbabies! ;-)