Monday, April 12, 2010


Evie let the dogs into the house the other day and greeted them by saying in a sweet, cheery voice, "Hi bishes!"

I turned around quickly and said, "What did you say?"

Evie innocently said, "Hi. Bishes."

I approached slowly asking, "What do you think that means?"

Evie looked confused.

Me, "I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but I don't think it's what you're meaning to say. Let's go say it to Daddy."

She followed me into the living room and I had her repeat it to Chuck who was watching TV with Lindsey. He already could give a shit less, because he is singularly focused when the TV is on, but I forced him to press pause - I mean hell, we have Tivo, why not use it, right?

Me, "Say it again for Daddy."

Evie was very confused, "I said 'hi. bishes."

Chuck looked confused. Hell, am I the only one who gets what she's trying to say???

I said it more clearly, "She said, 'Hi bishes' to the dogs when they came inside."

Chuck, "So?"

Me, "Seriously? You don't see anything wrong with that? Ugh." I turned to Evie and said, "Evie, I don't think you should use that word anymore. I don't think you mean to say what you're trying to say. Just say 'hi dogs' from now on. Okay?"

Evie shrugged her shoulders. "Okay." Then she trotted away.

I glared at Chuck and whispered, "I think she was trying to say 'Hi, bitches."!!!

Chuck laughed and Lindsey laughed.

Me, "You guys seriously didn't get that out of 'hi, bishes'?"

It is funny hearing it come out of the mouth of this sweet little angel.


In My Head said...

As a mom myself I knew exactly what she was saying :) How much our children soak in things. "lil'sponges"

Theresa said...

Ah, yes. I just honestly don't think I use that phraseology, so I'm not sure where she "soaked" that up.