Monday, April 26, 2010

First Communion & Pizza

My godson (who is also my nephew) made his first communion this weekend. Like the sap I am, I teared up. Geez. At least during work hours I'm the cold-hearted bitch I'm supposed to be.

My favorite part of the First Communion festivities was that Nick (my godson) got to choose the menu for the party afterward at his house. I loved that the pizza guy showed up on right on time. Hilarious! All of us adults chowing down on Double Dave's pizza, while the kids were too busy playing with the 1,000,000 toys upstairs to be bothered to eat any of the pizza. Fantastic. I loved every minute.

Thanks to my brother Mike, his wife Lisa and their extended family for the hospitality. And thanks to my Mom for giving us a place to sleep and lots of coffee in the morning. Bless her soul.


Mom said...

You are welcome to my home anytime. Glad you are coming back next weekend; you left a few nonessentials behind.

Joan said...

So sorry we couldn't get over there to see you all. We are looking forward to next weekend!