Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A New Birthday Tradition

We did a final celebration for Luke's birthday last night. He got a happy meal and after dinner he got a birthday apple (I didn't make a cake, so I grabbed the handiest thing around). He was quite pleased with his birthday apple. Not a single complaint and they thought the candle was funny. This is definitely a new tradition - so much easier than a cake.

Then Luke got to open is presents from his Mom and Dad -- a guitar and a little keyboard. The kid loves music, but his favorite is actually 80's hair band music. Yick, in my opinion. Still, he was thrilled with the guitar and started playing it right away.

I might have a rock star on my hands. George is Luke's number 1 fan as you can see by clicking here to watch my YouTube Video. And Luke looks so serious!


In My Head said...

the apple idea, great idea & its super healthy. Going to try that see if I can pass off an apple instead of a birthday cake.

Theresa said...

Good luck with that. I was shocked that it worked!