Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's not mine anymore.

I was just about to give up on this whole dieting thing and accept that I traded in my body for three perfect little bodies.

That would be fine.

I could accept that.

But then I think about those super-skinny MILFs with five kids and realize that I don't actually have to trade in my body just because I have kids.

And having kids isn't exactly a stellar excuse to let myself go. In fact, it is the exact opposite - a stellar excuse to make sure I'm in perfect health so I can live to see my grandkids.

Why can't I do it?



Mom said...

It is not easy losing weight. I haven't figured why it is so easy to add pounds and so hard to lose those same pounds.

The Potters said...

I go through this battle in my head all of the time too. But I think if we either (1) didn't work and could go to the gym on a daily basis or (2) took amphetamines that gave us more energy than we knew what to do with, we could be those moms. But we do work (and work hard) and we aren't pill poppers! Maybe there's a happy medium...

BTW, I think you look great.

Theresa said...

Well, thank you Krista. I'm up for popping pills if I could get my hands on some.

In My Head said...

my small advise to you. you can't think of it as a diet. That screws up anybodies mind. It's a way of living and eating. Don't diet. Eat better and add exercise to ur daily routine. U can do it. it's better for u and ur whole family.

Mary said...

I have been trying to change my mindset on this for years now. I was doing ok before baby #2. I lost some weight about 5 years ago on some pills from the Dr. and kept it off for a few years - until my stress level rose and rose. I have learned to control the stress, but still can't seem to find the time to slim down. I do believe it is a time thing. Juggling a full time and often overtime job with a family and house is difficult. I am thinking of starting family runs so we can all get healthy together - we will see.