Monday, April 5, 2010


Evie and I had a girl day Friday since she and I were off for the day (not that I didn't have plenty of work to be doing, which I will have to catch up on today). Nonetheless, it was so great to have a day to ourselves. We started at the nail salon.

Then we went to the mall and bought Easter clothes. Here's one of her new outfits.

We grabbed some lunch at Rosa's. Rice and beans for Evie.

We found a random hair salon and had our hair done.

Then we went to the Apple store and she helped me pick out a new cover for my phone: Bright Pink!

We had so much fun together! I hope we can do this more often.


Mom said...

What a great bonding time with each other. Can't wait to see all of you later this week.

Stephanie said...

I love days when Kate and I have "special dates"! We'll have to have another one with you two ladies this Fall. I'm thinking the American Girl store at the Galleria while the daddies are in College Station. Maybe their joint "We're turning five" special trip? Thoughts!?!?!?!

Oh!!! And Happy Easter!