Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crawfish - Now I'm hungry.

We went to a Crawfish boil last weekend and had so much fun. The hurricanes were so yummy! Here are some pictures of the party. My favorite part was when Lindsey actually tried a crawfish. Awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture.

Here's Luke checking out the crawfish before they were boiled.

My kid wasn't brave enough to touch one.

George reunited with his friend Conley.
He liked her sunglasses.

Apparently she liked them too.

Here's a picture of them at the same Crawfish boil from last year.

Amazing, isn't it?

We had so much fun seeing our friends and hanging out. Can't wait for next year!


lisawitt said...

awww, love the comparison pics!! so crazy how much they grow and change in one year!

The Potters said...

Um, I'm so glad that you snapped these pics, because I didn't take ANY! We had such a great time. And it's so funny to see those two one year later!!

The Potters said...

P.S. I'm totally stealing these pics and posting them on my blog. And I had such a great time meeting your mom and Lindsey!!!!