Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Toast to Lola

This weekend, we made the decision to give Lola away. I hated to do it, but she and Fergi do not get along. They fight constantly because they are both female and the situation has simply escalated as Lola has gotten older.

It was a difficult decision simply because we really like Lola. She's a good dog even if she is a puppy (I despise all things about puppies except how cute they are, which I'm convinced is the only reason puppies ever survive - they're too cute to actually kill even when you find your brand new shoes all chewed to bits). Anyway, after a few really bad incidents Sunday (in which Fergi got her ass kicked even though she provoked it all), we made arrangements for Chuck to take Lola to his sister's family in Wichita Falls - that night. They have four precious kids and a big backyard. Lola apparently looked a little hesitant when she arrived, but took to the family pretty well. My brother-in-law is one of the most fantastic guys too, so I feel great about her new home.

Fergi is now licking her extensive wounds and trying to recover. Things are pretty quiet at our house now, but I feel so glad that we at least get to keep Walter. And it is great news that we'll actually be able to go visit Lola in Wichita Falls. I just hope she isn't too sad about having to go to a new home. I hope she likes it better than our home. She deserves the love (don't we all?).

Still, I must point out that she was impressive. She would chew on ANYTHING. One night I heard her kicking around a soda can. That was a good chew toy for her. I was shocked. She ate one of Evie's new shoes. I only once caught her with one of my heels in her mouth and I think I got the message through that I would put up with a lot of shit, but I was serious about my shoes. I can't remember moving that fast to protect a shoe before. I guess I'm more girly than I thought. Then there was the night when we saw this.

Me, *sigh*, "What is she chewing on now?"

Chuck glanced down at the dog resting between the two couches our asses have made permanent indentations on. He focused back on the TV as he said, "Who knows." *sigh*

I squinted my eyes, focused, and muttered, "Awe, hell!"

Chuck glanced back, "What?"

I shooed Lola away and retrieved this.

It's the cord to a lamp in our living room. That's right. It's completely severed from the rest of the lamp. Thank God it wasn't plugged in when she chewed it clean off. Otherwise, we would have had a doggie reinactment of the fried cat scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Not exactly a promotional story for this book.

Puppies are exhausting.

On a positive note (depending on whether you are Luke or Luke's parents and neighbors), Luke learned to pick up his dog's poop during our time with this puppy.

Disgusting. What a champ. Picking up poop like that usually triggers my gag reflex so I was pretty proud that he could go at it without too much squeamishness.

So, tonight we're drinking a toast to Lola. She'll be missed. She really is sweet. Even I'm going to miss her, and I never even wanted to bring her home. Bless all the lonely puppies out there!


In My Head said...

You don't have the puppy n e more, so this may be irrelevant but Cesar Milan "How to raise the perfect puppy" is the best.

Theresa said...

I'll definitely remember that, except that I'm hoping to NEVER own a puppy EVER again.

The Potters said...

Puppies are definitely hard. But at least you found her a great home!! And I'm still missing Finley a lot (maybe you will miss Lola even just a bit?)...but my house stays a lot cleaner and I don't have to worry about Conley getting trampled by my 115 pound dog any more.