Monday, April 12, 2010

He's SIX!

It's my brainy boy's birthday today. He turns 6!!! I adore him, just as I adore the other two, but in his own special way. It's amazing how these three children are special and unique. Luke is smart. S.M.A.R.T. No idea why or how he got that way, but he truly is amazing.

We started celebrating yesterday. I took him to get a McDonald's happy meal for his birthday. Then we went to get his hair cut. He looked like this on Saturday.

Then they cut his hair and he looked like this - SO Grown UP!

Turns out he has a birthmark on his head too because there is a patch of dark hair at the back. The hairdresser was sure to point it out because she thought I would try to scrub it out of his head in the bath. She clearly doesn't know me very well.

That afternoon we had bowling party that was filled with chaos. Glad that is over. He and his friends had a good time although they were more interested in making necklaces out of the glowsticks we had for them. Oh well. They're good kids and it was fun. But I definitely had a glass of wine in my hand to get me through. 16 kids is a ridiculous number. What are those Duggars thinking????

Luke even had a bowling cake.

Evie and Chuck played air hockey together.

Luke loved the driving games.

George just liked all the buttons and lights.

Lindsey was an angel to help out with this party!

I'm so lucky to have this boy in my life!

Yes, we both look like dorks in this picture.
Forgive us.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday LUKE!!

The Potters said...

Happy birthday Luke! His hair cute makes him look 5 years older than he did on Saturday! Wow!