Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sounds the Same

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to drop Luke off at school and they were talking about the new Tiger Woods/Nike commercial (which is totally lame in my opinion and does nothing to change his image).

Anyway, Luke heard it and piped up, "They're talking about my school!"

Me, "What?" (Notice that I say that a lot when it comes to the kids.)

Luke, "They're talking about my school. They said, 'Tiger Woods'."

Me, "Oh. Yeah. No, they weren't talking about your school."

Luke, "But they said 'Tiger Woods' like Tanglewood Tigers."

Me, "Hmm. That's true, but there is a golfer whose first name is Tiger and last name is Woods. That's who they're talking about."

Luke, "Why is that his name."

Me, "No idea."

What I don't understand about this entire exchange is how he has never heard of Tiger Woods. I mean that guy's name is everywhere, especially given the most recent sex scandal. It's amazing how Luke knows who Leonardo DiVinci is but he has never heard of Tiger Woods. I guess we're not big golf fans because he definitely knows who Tony Romo is.


In My Head said...

That's probably a good thing. That your son doesn't know who Tiger Woods is.

Theresa said...

Good call. Could you imagine if there was a school named after him???