Friday, October 24, 2008

And it is fixed . . . sort of.

I forrest gumped my way back to my old template and layout. The Layout button has returned like the prodigal son. I guess I'm stuck with this layout forever. I'm sure it's my fault somehow. I still feel like an idiot. Hope you all like the black and white layout - it's here to stay.


Theresa said...

Anyone having trouble commenting?

Joan said...

No, Honey, I can comment without problems. I just finally got to look at your blog today. It is one of those things on my daily MUST DO list. It is fantastic to keep up with you through your blog. I wish I was half as proficient as you on the computer. I'm too old for some of this technology stuff.
For George now, Moving the baby from breach to the correct position isn't bad, a tad bit uncomfortable, as long as you are not in labor. Amy was breach and the doctor told me to keep nudging her head downward. Her head was in the right position for delivery after two weeks of "Nudging" I would always push her head towards the right of my stomach because I had Sheena "nudging" from the left anyway. Hang in there baby!!