Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still At Work

7:27 p.m. and I'm still here reasearching and waiting on some sort of formatting on my computer for production of documents - I'm a nightmare when it comes to technology so I can't really explain what the hold up is. I will tell you that it has taken an hour and a half to get a document ready to be printed. I'm certain I've done something wrong. Heaven help me.

Nonetheless, I have so much to do that I could be here all night for the next week and still not clear my desk. Sadly, Chuck is headed out of town for the football game so I can't spend the weekend here at the office. Plus, we have a soccer game, two birthday parties, and an open house this weekend, so I'm pretty much swamped in every area of my life. Oh, and did I mention that I spend 24/7 creating a new life? Yeah, it takes it out of me.

So, just a little note to tell you all that the day is very fall-like with cool winds and crisp air. The leaves are really starting to fall at my house and I'm loving every minute that I get to enjoy it. We still have to hit the pumpkin patch and get some fun family pictures. Plus, I think the kids might even enjoy decorating a pumpkin this year. They're both so cute.

Oh, and here's a school update - We made our announcement today. We start at the new school on Monday. It's a small house in a middle class neighborhood and it feels so weird to drive up and walk up to a house with a doorbell to drop off my kids. I'm hoping it will feel more natural after we've done it a few days in a row. I have to admit that it felt pretty awkward when I visited. The house still needs some polish, and I'm hoping that I can contribute somehow (but I don't know when I would do so). Wish us luck! I'm really having trouble since this is such a big change for me and the kids. As I said before, all they've ever known since they were six weeks old was the old school. With us moving, I'm really worried about making too many changes in their life at one time. We just have to pray that we are making the right decision.

*** Good news! The project finally finished a full hour and a half after I started it. Hooray!***

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