Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Week

So, as I've aged and my birthday has become just another day in the life of a lawyer, I've adopted a new philosophy that your birthday should be celebrated all week long. (I would push for a month if I could get away with it, but I don't think I can). So, although date night wasn't meant to be a birthday night, it sure rose to the occasion. We went to Ruth's Chris which opened up a few months ago across the street from my office. I've never been there, so it was fun. Sadly, no wine to compliment my delicious steak, but the company was stellar.

Luke v. Soccer Update: Saturday was Luke's fourth soccer game. At last week's game he cried for 15 minutes and then was in and out as a sub. This week, Luke conquered all and (although I was not there to witness it) he didn't cry at all. Chuck conveyed this information to me in hushed tones as if mentioning any crying would conjure up the bad joojoo all over again. So we are pleased to announce, that while Luke is not a pro, he has really come a long way in the past few weeks.

While Luke was at soccer Evie and I attended yet another Jumping Party - Ahhhh. I hate these things. (whoa! George is getting jiggy with it down there. Perhaps I should turn on some music so he can really get his groove on). I have to admit to hosting a few of these Jumping Parties myself, but I swear it wears me out. Luckily, I am prego so I've got a great excuse not to get on any of the inflatable bouncehouses from hell. I swear, if you want a workout, try hefting your two year old through one of those obstacle course bounce houses. I've left those things and been sore for days! With that said, it's easy and convenient for parties and the kids just adore them!

Saturday night was dinner at our friends' house. So much fun! Homemade Bruschetta (yummy - I think I had 5 or 6 before dinner). Homemade baked Ziti (even better). And a fancy salad with polenta croutons. I love having friends who can cook. But better than that, I love having friends who don't mind that I put my feet on their couch and let my kids run around like crazy in their beautifully decorated house. The night was perfect! I had been looking forward to it all week, and then to my surprise, it turned into a birthday party for me, where I totally raked in the loot. Festive fall candle (apple pie scented - how appropriate since I brought Apple Pie No. 2 to the party - better than Apple Pie No. 1), fancy maternity/nursing pj's for my hospital stint (since the past two times I've sported the stylish hospital gown that makes me look like I should be in the morgue), a cute little psuedo wallet for carrying my many little things such as Bosslady Gum, passkeys to the daycare, and . . . . wait for it . . . . my brand new iPod! I feel like I was on the Price is Right! Yup, I finally jumped into the 21st century and Chuck got me an ipod, complete with pre-loaded chick songs - and it's pink, my favorite color! Sadly, I had to have everyone help me figure out how to work it. I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on. And to top of the night, TCU decided to have fireworks in honor of my birthday party (okay, maybe not really for my birthday, but there were fireworks and it was right after we had cake). Muchas gracias to the fun hosts and attendees for my impromptu b-day party. I had a great time!

Now, however, the real birthday might be a bit of a letdown since we did so much wonderful and relaxing celebrating Saturday. But, I have it scheduled to go get our 4D ultrasound on the afternoon of my birthday, so at least that will be a highlight when I get to catch a glimpse of sweet little Georgie. I've never ever looked forward to going to the doctor except when I'm pregnant. I just love it!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-Law who turned ?? on Saturday.


ginster said...

happy birthday! i am not sure if has passed or coming up, but i wish you happy birthday nevertheless! ha ha! sorry, i suck. i also had to tell you that we are like identical twin special event dinners because jeff and i just went to ruth's chris in addison for my birthday! i guess we know how to eat! enjoy your week and definitely stretch it into a month if you can. time to change the laundry.

lisawitt said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had a fantastic time...the steak dinner sounds delish!