Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I improperly reported on my blog yesterday that the two primary classes at Evie's school are going to be combined into one class. Apparently, this is incorrect. I aplogize for any confusion and to those of you out there who freaked out with me after reading the blog.

It is now my understanding that there are, and will remain, two primary classes. I apologize for causing such an uproar among parents yesterday, such that I was barely able to get any work done at all. Nonetheless, Chuck and I are still convinced that changing schools is the right course of action.

I will point out that although there are still two primary classes, Evie's class only has 7 students and Luke's class has over 20. It seems logical that there will be some redistribution to even out the classes, and I am curious to see how that shakes out.

Luke's classroom was more controlled this morning when I dropped Luke off although the kids were still working in groups as far as I could tell and it was noisier than Evie's room (of course, I have to recognize that there are fewer kids in Evie's room). The director was up there when I dropped off, so all I saw was a group of kids playing with Legos. This is apparently a new addition to the room, and not a Montessori approved activity (I looked it up). Don't get me wrong - Legos are fun and a fine tool for motor skill development so I'm not mad - just curious how they are planning to maintain the Montessori principles I'm paying for if they increasingly employ non-Montessori activities. I personally like Legos and have a boat load of them at home for the kids to play with. Plus, I think the kids should have some fun time - but at an appropriate time during the day. The classroom was still loud and unlike Evie's class there was no Montessori work laid out on the floor. Luke used to be learning his planets, states, letters, rhyming, writing, tracing, counting, etc. He's not doing much of anything these days.

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Stacey said...

Did you all go to Central Market last night? I saw Chuck and he mentioned it. Aaron had just come home from the dentist with a filling and did not want to go out. Let me know next time.