Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warning: Political Post

Okay, I don't preach politics, nor do I intend to do so now. I just thought this was interesting. I have watched the SNL skits and I've seen a ton of videos about how terrible Palin and McCain are, etc., etc., etc. (quote from The King and I). So, I feel like it is probably okay to even the scales a little. Here is a little video that my very, very, very conservative mother-in-law sent me. It's ten minutes long, but it brings up some very thought provoking ideas. I would normally download it for your convenience, but it would take too long so here's the link:


I'd love to hear your thoughts. I think he's got some great points that I've never considered nor heard in relation to the Democratic party versus the Republican party.

For the purpose of full and open disclosure, I vote independent of any political party and have not decided who to vote for yet. (Does this shock you since I'm married to Mr. Republican? Yeah, me too, a little).


Stacey said...

WOW....how refreshing for a change!! Thanks for sharing. If you have read my blog then you know where I stand. I have never been more emotionally invested in an election than I have been this race. It is so important!!!

Ughhh, sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Roxy said...

loved it, thanks for putting that on your blog. He so eloquently says what Mike and I scream at the television all the time :).

Stacey said...

Also, what this guy is saying to his audiencec is 100% dead on. I am from the Mississippi Delta area originally, and still have family there. It would remind you of a 3rd world country if you saw the poverty. And while it is so sad that there are so many poor folks, it is also disturbing to realize that these people have been living entirely on welfare and food stamps, probably for generations. And they have absolutely no incentive to break that cycle. They probably aren't educated how to break the cycle. Our government enables large populations of people to stay in their destitue conditions with these perpetual welfare handouts. It is shameful. Most able bodied folks could use a meaningful hand-up, not a life long hand-out.

Okay, I will get off my soap-box. I am getting on my own nerves, ha.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're an idiot.

Stacey said...

Wow, with a comment like that you must be brilliant. At least I am not a coward. Additionally, I am not hateful.

Theresa said...

Thank you "annonymous" for your unrestrained comment. Please leave all ugliness at the door. Such comments are not appreciated. I don't care who you are. Even Obama himself wouldn't be so rude.