Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday news

So it was pretty much a crappy birthday because I was so busy at work and running late for the doctor - I even forgot to eat lunch. How does a person actually do that?! Anyway, we got to see the baby in 4-D, but he wasn't cooperating so we only have one good picture and we get to try again in two weeks when I go in for my next appointment. The evening was better than the day and the kids and Chuck brought me three dozen rozes, a talking Cinderella card with their names written by themselves, and a subscription to People Magazine. This is huge news since I'm totally addicted to the People crossword puzzle because it makes me feel smart, and Chuck has always refused to have what he calls "a gossip rag" delivered to the house. Then, I got to have dinner with friends out at this really fun restaurant called The Flying Fish - great fried food (and unfried food). It was a great night, until we had to go back to the house and spend the next two hours cleaning in preparation for another showing today (the first showing since the market crashed). All in all, I think the good outweighed the bad, and today is Friday so there is much to look forward to this weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm sure I'll have great interesting stories from the weekend to share on Monday.

Here is young George at about two pounds snuggled up and napping against my uterine wall, which I've been told is on the left side of the picture. His nose is pointed toward it and his ear can be seen on the right side of the picture. We did get to watch him jump with the hiccups - he gets those a lot! His head is way, way down, below that pointy bone in my pelvis, on my left side and facing my left side so we couldn't get a good look at his face. While I was in the waiting room, waiting and waiting and waiting (after they told me there was no wait), he was jumping around like crazy doing some tae kwon do or something like that. Hell, maybe he was rearranging the furniture, who knows. We all want him to have a comfy home, right? I'm a little biased, but he sure is a cute little thing. Hopefully I'll get some better pics in a couple weeks.

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