Friday, October 24, 2008


New School - I must admit that I am very pleased with the new school depsite the fact that it is in a house in the middle of a neighborhood and not actually in a professional commercial building like the last one. For some reason the commercial setting gave me the feeling that the old school had more integrity that I could trust the owners, the business, and the overall functioning of the school. Clearly, impressions can be misleading because I feel totally comfortable with the teachers, the education, and the love and care the kids are receiving at the new school. If they had any openings, I would highly recommend it to other parents.

Baby - Well, my mother drove in to spend the weekend with us and she got here in time to go to my appointment and catch a glimpse of George in the 4-D ultrasound, but again, George decided not to cooperate - yet another way he is different from the first two. Quite honestly, with the way he has been acting, I'm not certain he isn't adopted. And then to top it all off, he has turned around and is BREACH! As soon as the technician said he was breach, I lifted up on my elbows on the table and demanded, "What!?" while giving him a disbelieving look. When we were there two weeks ago, as you may recall, George was snuggled down into my plevis with his head way, way, way down there. I even asked, "So, will he stay head down?" The very experienced technician (and I'm not being sarcastic) said, "Probably, but there's always a chance he could move around." Well, WTF? Now he's breach? He gosh darn better turn around on his own.

After my last 4-D, I was talking to my friend Patty who is an ob about babies, etc. and she said that one of her favorite things to do is to turn a breach baby around using her hands from the outside. I shudder to think how that feels, but she assured me that it isn't really painful. I didn't really think about it much at the time since my baby was securely settled into the birthing position, but now I'm totally obsessed with the thought of having to have the baby turned or having to have a C-section simply because he refuses to cooperate.

Additionally, I was warned that my blood pressure is creeping up and I need to start cutting back at work. This, however, is an impossible task to follow what with everything that is going on. Of course, she basically threatened that if I didn't self-regulate, she would take care of it for me by ordering me to decrease my work load. We'll see how that goes over with all the partners who devoid of uteruses.

And finally, his heartbeat was low (in the 120's). Now, they assure me that this is within the normal range so there is nothing to worry about at this point, but I'm totally pissed that he isn't performing the way he is supposed to be. With all the stress going on right now, the very last thing I ever want to worry about is my child's health. I'm not sure how well I would handle my child being sick or hurt and me being helpless and unable to ease his pain or suffering. Now, I keep having all these thoughts about whether the umbilical cord is wrapped dangerously around his neck or anything else that might be causing him not to have a stronger heartbeat. We've seen the four chambers, etc. and so far, everything looks fine. All I can say, is that we both better pass all tests with flying colors at the next check up.

I keep thinking to myself that I should take things in hand and tell George that his tendency to buck the system is not going to fly once he leaves the womb - unfortunately, I think I might be the one with a rude awakening when he comes out with colic, reflux, or some other scary disposition that requires me to be up at all hours of the night dealing with a screaming child. (That's not to say that I won't be grateful that he is alive, healthy and happy) But, he's certainly doing his best to guarantee that he is my last child. With the way this pregnancy has been going, I'm afraid this will be one of those 48 hour labors, whereas Evie was out with two pushes and Luke was out with only 45 minutes of pushing.

The House - Yes, it is still on the market, but once the stock market crashed three weeks ago, we have only had two or three viewings (one tomorrow). Chuck and I were not at all surprised by the decrease in viewings and interest in the real estate market. It only makes sense, and if I think about it, I get a little worried about having to get a new mortgage amidst all this turmoil. Quite honestly, I'm not all that worried about selling the house at this very moment or even in the next couple months. Should I be?

So, house, kids, baby, school - all is pretty much well and I'm certain that my concerns about George having a low heartrate and being breach will all be remedied at the next appointment. As for my blood pressure - I think I might be screwed. I'll keep you posted.


Kathi said...

It's the third child syndrome. Ethan broke every rule the first two and I had set up. It holds true for almost all third children that I have me. For some reason, they march to their own drummer.
Alora was breach right about this same time. A nurse told me to put headphones on my belly really low and play music. She said the baby would turn towards the music. Sure enough, it worked. At my next appointment she was back into position. Plus I got some Beauty and The Beast and classical into her head before she was born. Glad to see your blog.

lisawitt said...

Zach didn't turn until like 36 weeks or something and then he was sunnyside up once we started delivering so the OB got to flip him during labor. You have plenty of time to flip him still.

As for the high blood pressure....girl, you gotta take care of yourself!! I know it is hard to cut back on work but you also gotta take care of you and George. Hang in there, not much longer!

Theresa said...

I know, I know, I know. I'm going to cut back. Even told Bossman 2 that I would have to cut back. He was just fine with it and encouraged me not to be shy about saying what I can and can't do.