Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Maggie is Here!

I've been sitting vigil all darn day waiting to hear the news that sweet Maggie Martin has entered this world. Finally, at 3:42 p.m. she exited her mother's comfy, warm womb where she's been baking patiently for 40 WEEKS!!!! (Heaven bless her! I never want to be 40 weeks pregnant!)

So, welcome to Baby Maggie! I can't wait to meet you! I hope you go easy on your mom and dad for the next couple days. They've been up almost all night waiting for your arrival. I promise that you and George are going to be great friends just like your dad and me! Oh, and I can't wait to show you all the fabulous pictures - particularly my favorite from Homecoming '96 - I swear, I'll never let that go!

And a shout out to Jenny A. - hope you have a great birthday! Now you have a birthday buddy!

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