Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Cup of Coffee & New School

There is absolutely nothing like a great cup of coffee to start your day. Even a great glass of wine only runs a close second. It is even greater because now there is a Starbucks on my way from the new school into work. This is really bitter sweet news because I soooo don't need to stop at Starbucks, but I soooo love the coffee!

First day at the new school went well. Kids seem just fine with the change. Luke went right to work and had a great day. Yesterday he learned the parts of a plant and showed me a picture that he drew of the parts of the plant. He's back to learning. I love it! Even Evie seemed great about the whole thing. Now, they weren't jumping up and down like they had just left an amusement park, but they weren't crying and they were back to their old ways. I think it is going to take some time to break Luke of his excessive whining habit, but I'm glad to be on our way.

Oh, and a great big thank you to Mike (my brother), Lisa (my sister since I was four), Tony (my nephew) & Nick (my godson) for the great treats you sent, including a book about the first day at a new school. We read it before bed last night. (I was completely surprised at the end, by the way, and laughed out loud at the cleverness.) On the second page, it states something about it being her first day at a new school and Luke's eyes lit up and he said with amazement, "Just like me!" It was perfect!

Hopefully our second day will go just as smoothly.


Stacey said...

I hate that you aren't at the old school anymore, but glad you like the new one! Even though Eli was not in Evie's class anymore, it was still comforting to know you guys were there. How did the discussion go with Amanda/district manager? Did they hold you to the 30 day policy? There are only 8 kids in Eli's class right now! sigh

ginster said...

so glad it went well and you stop and get yourself that starbucks. you deserve it!