Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Pictures

On a less philosophical note, here is a picture of Evie from her birthday party a few weeks ago. She insisted on wearing her tinkerbell/princess costume from the Disney store to her birthday party. She's a birthday queen! She had so much fun playing with all her friends while the parents gossiped and munched on the untouched kid sandwich triangles. And when the kids got tired of the playground, they had fun with the sunglasses in their goodie bags. Here is a picture of Luke, Evie, Savannah and Maddie. What a pack of trouble!
I'm not sure which one is more trouble, but they sure have fun together. The same group got together for my birthday celebration on Saturday, along with little Eva (1). All three big girls dressed up in princess costumes and ran around all night. Luke, of course, being the 15 year old boy that he thinks he is, refrained from any sort of dress up. Poor Evie was convinced that she was going to take all the princess gear home and was terribly disappointed when we assured Savannah that we wouldn't let Evie take any of it home. I broke her poor little heart. I've never seen a little girl more obsessed with princess clothes. To that end, she is very happy about her new Barbies, Barbie movies, and princess gifts. Gotta love that girl, even if she did pee in her bed last night at 4:00 a.m.


lisawitt said...

What a great pic of all the kiddos in their sunglasses!! They are going to look back and love that pic! So cute!

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

CUTE pictures!