Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby George Update

I'm now 36 weeks, dialated 1 cm, 70% effaced, and the baby is as low as he can get without falling out. Doctor predicts the baby will arrive sometime within two weeks - probably the week after next.

I'm really good with that except for the fact that I still feel like we have so much to do. I even casually mentioned last night that perhaps I should pack a bag for the hospital. Well, I'm packing a bag tonight and I intend to go buy all our missing necessities this weekend.

Beyond that, my only concern is the fact that I have never gone into labor on my own (induced with both Luke and Evie) so I'm worried I won't know when to go to the hospital or whether I'm having real contractions. We shall see.

The best news about the early baby is that I will hopefully get to enjoy Christmas a little more, provided I get all the Christmas presents purchased. Looks like Chuck is going to be very busy this month!


Joan said...

WOW! Mom is excited, she already called me to change the Christmas Party from the 20th to the 27th. And you'll know if you are in labor if it is regular contractions and you are wishing you would just stop cramping from being constipated - Oh wait, That was ME! Seriously, you'll know.

ps have you taken off the pantyhose yet?

Theresa said...

I only took the pantyhose off to be examined by the doctor. Stopped at Target to buy another pair of regular pantyhose for the Christmas party tonight. I'm doing it up right - I'm going to wear heels too!

Mary said...

I can't wait for George to be here! Maybe he will share my birthday!

Joan said...

How was the party last night?

Theresa said...

Good. My feet hurt.