Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Does anyone ever wonder where boogers come from and why they turn green and multiply when you're sick? I actually tried to look this up when I was sick, but my search resulted in very generic answers about the nose producing mucus to trap foreign objects etc. Well, that doesn't exactly explain why the hell you (and your kids) get green nastiness flowing out of your nose. Yuck.

On an unrelated note, we have encountered a major glich with our new school. I guess we should have known that there would be some hiccups along the way, but it still took us by surprise. Our school failed to pass inspection with the fire marshal because it doesn't have overhead sprinklers. How odd is that? It is smaller than my house and it has more fire alarms and other types of alarms installed in every room. Who would have thought that they had to have a sprinkler system in addition to that? Anyhow, the school actually got shut down for this failure and we had to pick up the kids from school yesterday. The school will be closed while they install sprinklers (who knows how long that takes) and then we will get right back to work. We are still very committed to the school and don't regret our decision to send our kids there. I can't tell you how great it is to see Luke reading and Evie trying to write her name. For now, the kids are enjoying a vacation with my mother, who promptly dropped everything and drove up from Houston to help out. What a life saver!


Joan said...

Boogers, mucus, snot, etc, is a viscous substance produced to;
1. keep the membranes moist in cavities that have delicate tissue and is produced by the membrane,
2. trap and contain foreign objects/substances that enter the nasal cavity and then initiate an immune response (watch Osmosis Jones)
3. the change in color occurs when bacteria or viruses enter the cavity and then due to the friendly environment (moisture and temperature) are fruitful and multiply - this stimulates a major immune response resulting in cytokines being released by the white blood cells that have captured the bacteria/virus. As the bacteria/virus are phagocytized (eaten) the destroyed tissue causes for some color changes due to the release of chemicals = green snot.
4. Increase mucus is the result of those pesky cytokines also, and is designed to carry away the offending bacteria/virus in a flood of mucus. If the mucus gets too thick and does not drain, such as in an allergic reaction then a secondary infection may occur - again friendly environment for growth.

Okay - too much information but wasn't that FUN!!

Theresa said...

That was fun! Where does your body get all the ingredients to produce so much snot? I know doctors encourage us to drink lots of liquids when sick - does that thin the snot or help create it? I think I need a diagram . . . or maybe not.

Joan said...

Don't you mean or maybe SNOT.
Liquids DO help thin but more effective if you are rally clogged is GUIAFENISIN alos known as robitussin, mucunex, tussin. When you take this medicine with a FULL glass of water or juice it thins the mucus so that you can clear it from your body. It just tastes really yucky. I like the gel capsules that Walgreens makes or the Mucinex tablets. If you are snotty drinking more liquids does not make more snot. Your mucus membranes are programmed to produces snot from the mechanical irritant factors that you inhale or are exposed to, like certain smells or chemicals. If you take a good whiff of vinegar it will make your nose and eyes water. These kind of chemocals are also good for clearing snot because the mucus produced pushes the other nasty mucus out of the way. Wasabi mustard or horseradish is also very effective. Some people make onion soup in a chicken broth base orhte people use mustard plasters or hot packs to their chest to stimulate mucus production. If you want I'm sure I can find a diagram, let me know.

lisawitt said...

All I know is Zach HATES when I try to clean his out but I can't stand looking at the boogery nose! ;-)

Mary said...

Wow - TMI for me - I will admit I did not even read all of the technical stuff.

The school situation sucks - but I know Grandma is totally enjoying the time with Luke and Evie. I think she is also praying diligently for George to arrive early.

Theresa said...

A friend of a friend (Lisa) suggested garlic soup - does that presumably do the same thing as the mustard and wasabi?

Joan said...

Yes, Garlic soup will also work but with a little less oomph than the wasabi or mustard.