Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Comment

Doctor didn't even comment on my beautifully groomed you-know-what! That's okay. It probably would have been weird if she had. Can you imagine, "Oh, Theresa! Wow! You really look great down here!" I heard the nurses gossip about such things, so at least I'm prepared for the hospital!

Last night I went to a panty exchange party (instead of an ornament exchange party). I got the slutiest thing there - a nice bright pink lace thong with white bows on the back. Here's a picture:

As was stated by several of the skinny bitches (and I say that strictly as a term of endearment even though they all have size 2 bodies), a person probably needs a Brazilian to even consider wearing it! I told everyone at the party I was going to wear it to my doctor's appointment this morning so I could show it off somewhere. Can you imagine the talk I could have caused at the office?!

1 comment:

Joan said...

Well, What did the doctor say? Was your blood pressure back down? How about the urine protein?

And no, we nurses wouldn't comment about your underwear, unless it has flashing lights that say "Come On In!"