Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a Boy!

You guessed it! I finally gave birth to sweet little George. It was induced, but the induction came as a surprise. I left my hair appointment on Friday and checked my bp with a cuff I borrowed from a friend and the result was a very high bp. Called the doctor and was ordered to the hospital for observation. We discussed bed rest, but eventually the doctor decided to go ahead and induce on Saturday morning. I spent the night in the hospital and after four hours of induced labor and three minutes of pushing (just one or two pushes), we welcomed George into the world.

We got home late Monday and spent yesterday completely sleep deprived. Lucky for me, my mother was able to drive into town late Friday night to help us out. Now that I'm feeling more human, I'm able to catch up on a few things. I will try to post pics of our newest little one soon.

Thanks to everyone who kept us in their prayers. We appreciate all the wonderful warm wishes and can't wait for you all to meet George.


lisawitt said...

Yeah!! Welcome George and welcome home! cant wait to see some pics of the little guy....what a great early Christmas present! :)

Jack said...

We are so happy for you!