Monday, December 1, 2008

Pilgrims & Indians

Here are some pictures of my little Indian and Pilgrim (giving the Gig 'em sign because Chuck ALWAYS asks them to do that when they have their picture taken - drives me crazy). In this picture, the kids had just finished their program. Here's Luke sitting ready at the beginning of the presentation. So adorable, even though he looks pissed off.

Ms. Evie looks bored, but that appears to be a common theme throughout the program for her.

Here are my sweet babies performing at their Thanksgiving Program at school. The video is pretty bad, but we just got a new electronic device that should produce better recordings in the future. This one has Evie performing and you can barely hear the words - sorry. The Program consisted of over 10 songs and all the kids knew all the words and the parts. They would sing a song and perform little actions to match it. So, so sweet and fun to see. Evie has all the parts down, but refuses to sing.
Even though Evie doesn't sing, Luke sings all the time! I can't stop him from singing. It ranges from the Aggie war hymn to Thanksgiving songs to Christmas songs. We can be anywhere. This weekend, we were picking out our Christmas tree at Lowes and he sang Christmas carols the entire time to the delight of all others. No kidding. People would look at us and smile and encourage him to keep singing. I don't think it had anything to do with the quality of his voice (and certainly not with his ability to get the words right), but people (like me) seemed genuinely pleased and cheered by Luke's excitement for the Christmas season. Evie, while not a singer (yet), has been spreading Christmas cheer to Chuck and me through her absolute excitement about decorating the house. I love when they get so excited while their talking that they have to catch their breath. "Are we going to (breathe) decorate the tree? (breathe) And then (breathe), are we going to, uh, uh, (breathe) put lights up on the (breathe) house?!" Her little eyes just get so wide with excitement and I can barely describe how cute it is!

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