Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Bash Group

Thanks to the Beach Bash group, who are more like family than friends. We come together each year at the beach and forget that we aren’t 22 anymore (which gets more and more painful with each passing year). The most amazing fact is that we can go years without seeing one another, but when we get together it is like no time has passed. We all love each other and can start a conversation without any hesitation. (At least that’s how it feels to me). So, for those of you in the Beach Bash group who are reading this, I thank you for your friendship and I’m grateful for our time together, our laughter, our running jokes, our protectiveness of one another, our acceptance and love for each other, as well as our spouses and children, and for the security of knowing that you will be there when I need you and vice versa.

Lucky for all of us, I never pulled out my camera so I have no evidence of the utter disaster other than a few bruises I'm sporting from beer pong, Miss Kitty's Purple Cow dancing, and sleeping on a crappy pull out couch. Whew. I'm not too old yet, but I'm getting there. By the way, I'm having trouble deciding whether I should honestly tell my friends and co-workers that I obtained my nasty purple bruises through an offensive maneuver against Thomas's shoulder/elbow in a hard-fought round of beer pong or if I should let them all think Chuck hit me. It really is a toss up.


roxy said...

thanks Theresa!! I am so happy to hear that you love me as much as I love you :). Also, I only played one round on beer pong, and yet somehow I am also covered in UDIs (unidentified drinking injuries). my legs are GROSS, i will have to wear long skirts and pants for at least 10 more days.

Theresa said...

The bug bites are unsightly also!

lisawitt said...

Yay!! I second all those emotions! We are truly blessed to have such a special group of friends! :)