Monday, May 11, 2009

Cuteness you could sop up with a biscuit

It doesn't get cuter than this. The video is pretty boring: just George drunk on milk and exhausted with Chuck trying to force a burp out. Presh!

Just after, Chuck took him up to bed. So freakin' sweet!

And then there's Luke with his "Star Wars blaster" that he made at a birthday party. He LOVES it.

And Evie without pants, but wearing shoes and holding a crown. How does this happen?

Luke told me this morning: "You can have a hug, Mom, because it's Mother's Day." I quickly said thank you and made no argument that Mother's Day was yesterday. I'm going to milk this "day" for all it's worth!


Mary said...

That picture of Evie is great!

Joan said...

She reminds me of Shirley Temple wearing a supershort dress and tap shoes. Precious.
And as for Luke - it's a boy thing. A weapon can be made out of anything!

lisawitt said...

love the pic of chuck and george before heading to sweet and i want to kiss those cheeks!! (george's...not chucks!) ;-)

ha, zach is often only half dressed in our house too...I tell you, the kid is an exhibitionist!

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