Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we go again.

And the hits just keep on coming . . .

Luke and Evie's school is once again in a precarious position and changing locations. I hate to consider having anyone other than Ms. C and Ms. D teaching my babies, but I guess it might be time to wake up and smell the coffee - mmm, coffee . . .

We haven't made any decisions yet, and with the au pair in the works, I think we only have to hold out until August and then our situtation will stabilize. We'll see.

For now, the kids are adorable. George discovered his feet and when I went to get him up this morning he wouldn't let go of his left foot. Precious. Seriously, that is one of my favorite things that the kids do. Luke loves Star Wars, but is scared of Cinderella - go figure. And Evie is a night owl. She can stay up as late as me and get up earlier. Thank heaven she stays in her bed and in her room until a reasonable hour.

I had already planned to take the day off so that I could watch George during the swine flu overreaction, but his school opened up today so I'm checking around for schools for the two older ones, checking out au pairs, and running errands this morning. Then I'm going to take the two older ones on a picnic at lunch and go to the zoo or the museum afterward and then we're hitting Central Market tonight to meet some friends. It should be a lovely day.

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