Saturday, May 30, 2009

A new use for spanking

We went to Dallas this evening to have dinner with Chuck's aunt. Somewhere in the middle of our gluten-free meal (yes, I said "gluten-free"), I took Luke to the ladies room at the restaurant. He grudgingly used the ladies room when the men's was locked. We went in and he did his business. I asked him if he was finished. He slapped his bottom and said, "I have to spank the drips out." I couldn't keep the laugh from escaping. I said okay, and he spanked his bottom again. I asked him if he was finished and he said yes and proceeded to pull up his pants. Chuck and I aren't sure whether to be worried or not. Luke, on the other hand, seemed rather amused by the whole thing.


amym said...

LOL!!! How funny! Your Luke stories just crack me up!

Mom said...

Thats a new one for me.

Amy said...

Ummmmm..........*bursts out laughing*