Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bologna and Gas

I got the kids some Lunchables to try out because I'm always trying to get them to eat new food. They were so excited when I showed it to them that they wanted to help pack their lunches. So the next day after school I asked them how they liked their lunches. Luke answered that he didn't' eat the bologna.

Me, "Why not?"

Luke, "Because it makes me gyassy." (Why he said 'gassy' like a Yankee, I have no idea).

Me, "What? Why does bologna make you gassy?"

Luke, "I don't know. Ms. C said someone was gyassy at lunch. So I didn't eat my bologna. Evie was gyassy." (Ms. C is their teacher)

Evie had been silent until now and piped up with a whine in her voice, "I'm not gassy, Luke!"

Luke, "Yeah, she was gassy. Ms. C said it smelled like gyas."

Me, "I don't think bologna makes you gassy, and Evie doesn't smell like gas."

Evie was satisfied with my response, but Luke went on, "Yes, bologna makes you gyassy. So I don't eat bologna."

So much for the experiement with Lunchables. I guess I can cross off bologna from the kids' diet.


Joan said...

This sounds just like Colt.
When he used to talk about he couldn't have soda because it has carbs and this makes him get fat. No, it has carbonation and makes you burp!
Or he tells us he can't eat too much fried food because it upsets his stomach, like Vernon.
It is ridiculous since Colt has an iron stomach and could probably eat a tub of lard and not upset his stomach!
At least Luke is not wanting to eat food just to BE gassy!

roxy said...

that is a REALLY funny story. :)

Theresa said...

For every funny conversation I post, there are probably three more that are just as funny that I forget to post. Those kids crack me up!

Mom said...

I just had my laugh for the day.