Friday, May 1, 2009

Here I sit.

School is closed until the 11th - just like FWISD. You should have seen me toting George around the office yesterday as I tried to make arrangments for an answer that had to be filed in Federal Court on Monday. Nutty. My firm totally rocks about all this. Of course, really what can I do? I am at home with him for now and next week Chuck and I will just have to switch off. The crazy part is that usually I could call my mom or my inlaws to help out in an extended period like this but they all went to Italy last week (separately, but at the same time oddly enough). So, we're on our own. It is a very strange situation. We're all disinfecting like crazy. I went to Target yesterday to gather necessities for the next week. I'm trying to think of things we can do at home if we are stuck here indefinitely. It's so strange that this damn pig brought our city to a a halt. Dance classes canceled. Soccer canceled. Mayfest canceled. Mayfest fun run canceled. Very odd. It is what it is, but let me reiterate that "it" is JUST THE FLU!!!!!!!! Everytime I read an article I expect to get to the end and read about how we're all going to start bleeding from our eyes or end up with open sores. No, it's pretty much just the flu. Crazy stuff.

So, here I sit at home. Can't really work, can't really go out. Can't really do much of anything. Perhaps I'll write a book called "How to Spend Your Time With the Swine Flu" Who knows. Until we get back to normal life, I will happily take phone calls to break up the monotony.

Take care everyone, and please maintain your perspective -- IT IS JUST THE FLU.


roxanne said...

i feel the same way!! Maybe I am wrong and should be more concerned, what do I know?? could this just be media frenzy?? that totally stinks for you guys, at least you have a pool! get a tan sister!

Mom said...

I got home yesterday and went to a late night clinic. Joan was sure I had the flu. The doctor diagnosed it as bronchitis. I am on a zpac and robutussen with codine. He took xrays and showed the bottom of my left lung filled with something. I don't know how that ties in with bronchitis. Am supposed to go to the family doctor in a week. I have an appointment for MOnday at 9:00 and I think I will keep it because of the bottom of the left lung.

Joan said...

Okay, What is the Swine Flu??
It is a random mutation in the normal flu that a pig would get and is it transmissible to humans. The flu part is not the bad part - it is the precursor to the upper respiratory infection that is what is killing folks. So if you have the flu it is STANDARD of CARE (means everybody should do this) to be swabbed for determination of influenza H1N1, then started on an antiviral. If you have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, you also get antibiotics.
By isolating people (closing school, daycare, church, social evenets) we limit the spread during the infectious period. Once the contagious period is past then you may resume normal activity.