Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Picnic

We had a great day yesterday. We had a picnic, took a nap, read some books, and went to Central Market with the crew to celebrate Ms. Chesapeake's birthday. (Ms. Chesapeake is actually not her name, just her title as the beauty pageant queen of the city of Chesapeake - just to clarify for everyone reading). The picnic was great. I made Chick-file for our lunch and Luke decided he didn't want to go to a park for the picnic, but chose a green space across the street from our house. And I mean, literally across the street from our house. Our house is located at a somewhat busy intersection with two stop signs, so we had a lot of onlookers and neighbors who smiled and waved as we ate our lunch. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and so did I, except for the part where Luke saw a bee, jumped up, screamed like a girl, and stepped all over my food in an effort to escape the curious bee. I rolled my eyes and told him to be still. Ugh! I don't think the kid has ever been stung by a bee, so why is he so frightened of bees?
Luke by the stop sign. He was driving me crazy because he was so close to the street. The house in the background is the house next to mine that the eccentric owner won't sell even though people stop at our house all the time and say they will offer a million bucks for it sight unseen. Our driveway is to the right of those green bushes you see.

Evie and Luke found a bug.
All of the sudden, Luke pointed to the ground and exclaimed, "That's bad for the environment!" I asked what and he went over and picked up a bottle of Dr Pepper that was sitting in the grass. He insisted that we needed to recycle it. He's on a huge recycling mission these days. I agreed that we could recycle it. Then he went back and found another bottle. I reluctantly agreed to recycle that too. When he started digging through the bushes for more trash, I put an end to the obsessive recycling.

Evie looking pretty by the flowers.
Near the end of the picnic, Luke announced that he had to pee. I told him he would have to hold it. (Thank God we weren't far from home). He told me he didn't need to go home to go pee and very eloquently pointed out that he could pee in the grass. I said, no, everyone would see him. He looked around and said, "Who?" Me, "Everyone driving by." He looked around again, "There's no one driving by." He had me on that one for the moment, so I said, "No. You can't pee in the grass." (The great thing about being a Mom is that you don't have to explain the reasoning of your decisions). Luke pointed to the bushes, "I could pee in the bushes." Me, "No, you can't pee in the bushes." Ah, he is convincing sometimes. I would have done it if it hadn't been my neighbor's bushes.

That night we went to Central Market and visited with everyone and celebrated Champagne Thursday and Ms. Chesapeake's birthday with three bottles of champagne. It was a lot of fun, and I made everyone else hold my baby boy all night so I got to relax. Thanks to Uncle Ben who spent the most time cuddling and feeding my baby!

They had a great swing band playing on the patio too. Here the kids were talking to one of the band members. And another cute pic of George, hanging with the adults. (Oh and a shout out to Ms. Chesapeake's dad, who helped keep us entertained all night!)


lisawitt said...

looks like a fun day! where was george at the picnic?

and i like how you "made" chickfila, LOL!

Sharon said...

Looks like a great time together.