Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu - Continued

Well, we spent the weekend in much the same fashion as we usually do except that we didn't go to dance or soccer. It was actually quite an enjoyable weekend. I am at home with George again today, but one of our friends is going to watch big G tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday! Hooray! What a sweet woman. I actually work with her husband so this is really, really great! She has a boy and a girl who are approximately Luke and Evie's ages and we've been to their house for dinner and a playdate. The plan is that Chuck will drop George off and we'll be able to work full days (almost). What a savior.

It is amazing that the flu has brought this town to its knees (at least with regard to children), but in other ways, we seem to just keep going like normal. I haven't seen any stores closed or workplaces closed. The number of people who have had to take off because their kids are out of school hasn't actually been that bad. It is somewhat surprising but really good news.

George is napping now, so I'm going to try to get some laundry done. I have to say that this is a very strange existence I'm living right now. I'm not one for rigid structure, but this staying at home stuff has really thrown me off my game. Luckily, I'll be back to work tomorrow!

Shout out to my infected mother - feel better!

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Mary said...

I am doing laundry too! How weird.
We have a bank holiday today - so no work - but it also means a lot of the shops and restaurants are closed too. Sounds worse than the swine flu.
Hope you are having a good restful day though. Love you!