Monday, June 1, 2009

Au Pair or Nanny

We've narrowed down our selection to an Irish au pair who lives in Nottingham England or a nanny who just graduated from Tech. It's going to be a tough call, but I know more about the nanny and she has actually met us and is going to watch the kids tonight so we can see if she likes us and the prospect of watching three kids at once. Luckily, she has some experience working at a daycare while she was in college. It sounds like a win win situation to me, but I'm still paranoid as to whether she can deal with us and our quirks. Luke and Evie liked her when we had lunch with her yesterday. We'll see what they have to say about her after tonight.

As for the au pair, she seems really outgoing and interested in working with kids and learning about the U.S. I think she would be fun to have around and to introduce her to the States. She also likes to be active and that would be great for the kids since we're pretty sure she wouldn't be just hanging around the house all day. She would probably want to take them to museums, the park, the zoo, etc.

This is a big decision, but I feel confident that either one of these choices would be absolutely great for our family. We're praying about it. I'll keep you posted.


Mary said...

Do you want me meet the woman in England - I am not sure where Nottingham is - but I bet it is not too far away.

Theresa said...

Nah. I really like her, and I have to make a decision tonight. I did another interview with her today at lunch. She's great. I like them both a lot! If I chose her, maybe you can meet her before she heads to the States. Fun stuff.

Mary said...

I hope your decision making is not too difficult. I am sure you will make the right choice.