Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Naked Chef . . . no, not me.

Lindsey mentioned that her favorite chef is Jamie Oliver aka the Naked Chef. Anyone heard of him? Here's a picture.

Lindsey couldn't tell me why he is called "The Naked Chef" since he doesn't cook in the nude, so I had to do a little research. It appears that he is called "The Naked Chef" because he cooks without pretension and lets the food speak for itself. Something like that - I'm paraphrasing. Apparently he is also quite a heartthrob for the ladies. What do you think?

He is fascinating. He is only two years older than me and he wrote his first cook book in 98 or 99. That kind of instant success makes me feel like I'm behind the curve, but oh well. I guess when Lindsey gets here she can introduce us to some of Jamie Oliver's recipes. He seems like a super guy, despite my jealousy. He has a program called Ministry of Food and in it, he teaches eight people who won't cook, how to cook 10 budget friendly (healthy) meals and in return he asks that they pass the recipes on to two people or more. Great idea! He also advocates putting healthy foods in schools. I hate to credit him with genius because, well really, it seems like an obvious first step to fight childhood obesity, but it's great to see him wielding his popularity for good.


Mary said...

He has a restaurant within walking distance of our new house. We can go there when you visit.

Lindsey said...

I guess I'll be bringing my Jamie book over with me then... There is actually some really good dishes in there!

Mary said...

Not that anyone cares - but I use his basalmic vinegar.

Theresa said...

I care. It must be quite tasty. Can't wait to look at the Jamie book.