Monday, June 15, 2009

She'll be here soon!

Just got off the video phone (Skype) with Lindsey and, of course, she's fabulous! And she has a great family too. I'm not at all surprised - perfectly pleased! I can't wait for everyone to meet her - especially the kids. They won't say two coherent words to anyone on the phone or on skype. It's really quite annoying and embarrassing. I hope they make a better impression when Lindsey gets here. Her family probably thinks she's being subjected to "special" kids, if you know what I mean. Luke was a whiner during the whole conversation (other than when he made George cry when he took away a spatula of all things - don't ask me why George had a spatula). Evie refused to say anything at all and simply grunted in a high pitched voice (is that possible?) "uh-uh". And then George was perfect in my lap for half the conversation and cried for the first half. And to end the conversation, Luke knocked the computer and the something fell causing the phone line to disconnect. I'm certain that Lindsey probably heard me say something altogether unintelligible and then the line disconnected. Just another day at our house, however. Heaven help us.

The family (or I should say "the rest of the family") has retired into the living room to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars - a star wars cartoon. For some reason I feel like this puts Luke and Chuck a notch above regular nerds. Poor Evie might grow up to be a chick super nerd if she starts to like the stuff. So much for having the popular kids in school. Luke even has on his star wars t-shirt.


ashley1996 said...

Remember, I did have a 31 year old husband get a light saber for Christmas. Who has the nerd in the family now?

Joan said...

When you come back down here the nerds need to go to the Space Center Houston for the Star Wars Exhibit. They even have storm troopers on hand throughout the day to get your picture taken with.