Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You know you're dirty if . . .

I don't really talk about Chuck much because he insists that he wants to maintain a "small internet footprint" (dork), but this has been cracking me up for about 48 hours and I just have to share (and it isn't really about Chuck).

Okay, Chuck is a manager at a finance company and he works in a huge building with hundreds of employees ranging from all walks of life. Well, I get to hear very interesting stories about people "hooking up" in unused conference rooms and all kinds of other things that always shock and surprise me (and Chuck). So the most recent "event" at work is that the building has become infested with fleas. Yup, I said fleas. What the hell? I could understand an infestation of cockroaches (sure) or even lice (that makes sense), but fleas????? No way.

There are no animals there, so some person must have brought the fleas to work where the fleas then jumped onto the carpet and other people. How disgusting is this???!! How unsanitary does a person have to be to bring fleas to work?! Gross! So, almost the whole building is being sprayed for fleas, but Chuck's area is not being sprayed because there were no reports of fleas there. One would assume that the fleas will flee (pun intended) the rest of the building and take shelter in Chuck's untreated area of the building. He better not bring home fleas, but I can just picture him sitting in his desk chair scratching behind his ears.

Plus, you know that feeling that you get when you see bugs crawling on someone else or even think about it and then you start feeling itchy all over even though it's just your imagination? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Ugh. I think I might start feeling that way. In fact, my head itches right now.

Anyhow, I've decided to send him a flea collar by Fedex. I hope it arrives and he has to stop a meeting and sign for it. And I really hope that there are people in his office when he opens it!


Joan said...

Bug spray $20.00
Flea Collar $5.00
Delivery fee $4.00
Look on your husband's face when he realizes how much you really love him? PRICELESS

Mary said...

I feel itchy now...