Saturday, June 27, 2009


I did not fall off the face of the earth, I've just been soooooo busy and tired. I even went to bed at 8:45 last night. Life is good though. Things are progressing well with work, kids, school, and au pair Lindsey.

Work is busy - but busy is better than slow. I'm going in this morning to wrap some stuff up. Same goes for Chuck. He's actually at work already this morning and we will switch off with kid duty around 8:30.

Kids are great. No one is really sick right now although Evie has a sniffle and is constantly sniffing her nose or licking her boogers. Disgusting. We are trying to stop the licking and sniffing, but it is tough. The most disgusting part is that she can actually reach her tongue into her nostrils. I groan each time I see her do it, but she won't stop because she thinks it is funny. Yick.

I've got Luke signed up for Kindergarten. Seriously, I don't really know why, but for some reason I thought that the State just knew that my kid was going to show up for Kindergarten. It totally makes sense that I would have to fill out paperwork, but I just seem to have a mental block with regard to his going to Kindergarten. He'll be lucky if he gets there on the first day with all his school supplies. That's next on my list of things to do. At least I'm aware of that (thanks to a friend who emailed me the supply list).

As for Lindsey, she has her paperwork and is set to visit the American Embassy in London on Tuesday. As luck has it, I think she is going to meet my sister in London that day too. I'm excited for them to meet. I also received her flight information this week. She arrives on the 24th in Dallas. I can't tell you enough how excited we are about her arrival. We're talking about her a lot and Luke even pointed to a girl at dinner last night and proclaimed that she looked like Lindsey. He was right, to my surprise. I was glad to see that he is thinking about her even when we're not talking about her. And both Luke and Evie have asked, "When is Lindsey going to be here?" Of course, Luke groans and adds in a whiney voice, "Ugh . . . it's taking forever!"

So that's our update. I know I have more to post, but, I swear amusing things do not happen to me everyday. So for now, my posts are pretty boring. Sorry to disappoint. I'm sure Luke or Evie will do something appalling sometime soon. I'm due.


Joan said...

at least you are not having the super duper posts from Amy. It is tiring to read them!!

Mary said...

I thought the tongue in the nostrils was pretty entertaining! Beats the savvy nose picker I saw on the train by a mile!

I do hope I get to meet Lindsey while she is in London this week. What a cool connection that would be.

Love you and miss you - thank God for Skype!