Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day gift

I haven't even started shopping for Father's Day. What is wrong with me? I'm already up with George and everyone else is asleep. I know Home Depot is open, but that seems like such a trite gift at this point. After all, I think Chuck owns every power tool that Home Depot carries. So what now? I've adopted this new method of choosing gifts by asking the kids, "What should we get Daddy?" It can be a bit tough to maneuver. For example, the first time I did that Luke answered, "A new car!" I had to explain that a new car would be too expensive. So instead he said, "A boat." Again, too expensive. Perhaps we should have some lessons on the value of money. Luke will also tell us that he wants to buy something while we're at the store (a toy or movie or something like that) and we will respond with, "Okay, do you have any money." We'll say, "Oh well. I guess you can't buy it." That used to be the end of the conversation, but the other day Luke responded with, "Daddy, you have money." Chuck responded, "Yes, but that's my money and I worked hard to earn it." Luke replied, "Daddy, you have to share your money. We all have to share." Good point Luke, but no dice. Whoops, I digressed.

Back to the gift. No idea what to get. And when I asked the kids what we should get Chuck, they said golf clubs. I told them that Daddy already has a set of golf clubs, but they remained firm in their decision and Luke said we should go play golf on Sunday. Maybe I'll get a golf gift certificate or something. Oh well

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