Friday, June 5, 2009


Do embarrassing things only happen to me? Sometimes it feels like everyday of my life I suffer some sort of embarrassment, then of course, I post it on my blog so I can further embarrass myself and my family. Yesterday, we received a phone call telling us that we were having a showing at the house for the first time in over a month. Chuck warned them that the house wasn't in perfect shape, but it certainly wasn't trashed by any means. I've been so busy at work, Chuck had to take the kids into school yesterday so he was the last one out of the house and said he made an effort to straighten up a little bit before he left. So, no worries, right? Um, not so much. When I got home yesterday evening I headed upstairs to change out of my work clothes and on my way to my room I surveyed the state of the kids room, the bathroom, and the nursery to see how bad it looked for the showing. Luckily things looked pretty good - beds made, clothes folded neatly, no toys in the middle of the floor, etc, until I peeked into the kid's bathroom and noticed that one of the little ones had pooped in the toilet, and as is their habit, failed to flush. And you can only imagine that a half stewed kid poop in a house that is not heavily air conditioned during the day was really not the sight or smell you want to experience during a showing or, really, any time at all. It was disgusting. I flushed the toilet and reluctantly told Chuck what had happened. He groaned and lectured the kids (once again) that they HAVE to flush the toilet. It is disgusting. I can't figure out why they can't remember to flush. What's the deal? Every time they go to the restroom we have to ask, "Did you flush and wash your hands?" For a while they would just answer us with a "no" and we would have to actually say, "Well, go flush the toilet and wash your hands." Now, after we ask, they run back in and take care of business - that is, unless something shiny distracts the A.D.D. children first. So, that's one of my embarrassing moments this week. I'm sure there is more to come since I'm headed to the golf course this afternoon.

Have a great weekend, folks. George is getting baptized this weekend. Much like the Kindergarten Roundup, George is lucky that I finally got this planned. Of course, the church is still bugging me for more paperwork and Chuck had to take off today to get it in. I swear I need a personal assistant!

Peace out, kids.


Clarissa said...

Theresa, Caroline never flushes either. And I also can't figure it out -- wouldn't you think a kid would think it's fun to flush the toilet? (As "A Potty for Me" says -- Woosh! Down goes the water.) Ugh.

Mom said...

Kids are in too much of a hurry to get back to play. Just like they wait until the last minute to even go potty.

Stephanie said...

We'll see you this weekend! Don't worry - Kate hardly ever washes her hands! Now ever time she goes to the bathroom she brings me her hands for me to smell (on her own accord). I usually have to tell her to go wash again.

Just g said...

Here is my emberassing moment. My 10 year old charge spent the night with me and I washed her swim things. There must have been a pair of my underwear left in the dryer and when she pulled her towel out before swim camp yesterday, she must have just rumpled up her towel with the pants inside. When I picked her up at camp, she walks up to me in front of everyone and says "Holds up my underwear and says "Look Nanny I found your underwear inside my bag!"
Glad that was the last day of that camp and I don't have to see those people again.